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Lotes are offering various single port low profile audio jack connectors with 3.5mmΦ and 4 poles as well as the plenty of height options to meet portable device application. Besides the signal audio jack connector, Lotes also developed the 1x2, 1x3, 2x3 stacked option for desk and server application

Part Number Description
AJAK0076-P***   Audio Jack 1.29H, 4-Pole Connector
AJAK0056-P***A   Audio Jack 7Pin 1.60H ,4-Pole (Ф3.50mm),Thru-hole,..
AJAK0050-P***   Audio Jack 8pin 4.00H (Φ3.50mm), 4-pole,Black RoHS
AJAK0051-P***   Audio Jack 6pin 1.40H (Φ3.50mm), 4-pole,Normal ope..
AJAK0022-P0***   Audio Jack 6pin 4.10H (Φ3.50mm), 4-pole, Black RoH..
AJAK0052-P***   Audio Jack 6pin 3.10H (Φ3.50mm), 4-pole,Normal ope..
ABA-JAK-029-K01   Smart Jack 5Port+SPDIF(Right) 25Pin Thru-hole, R/A..
ABA-JAK-029-K17   Smart Jack 5Port+SPDIF(Left) 25Pin Thru-hole, R/A,..
ABA-JAK-031-K**   ATX Jack 3Port 13Pin Thru-hole R/A,Black, RoHS
ABA-JAK-036-K**   ATX Jack 6Port 26Pin Thru-hole R/A,Black, RoHS