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Lotes offers a wide range of automotive harness and connectors including car light harness, audio and video entertainment harness, navigation harness, ECU harness, power cable, camera cable and so on. Lotes can satisfy customer’s requirements on products and also offer excellent solutions tailored.

Part Number Description
AAUT0005-K001J   JS-12307M-FW-ZG Wire Harness In Car, RoHS
AAUT0005-K002J   JS-12307M-FW-ZG Control box input wire, RoHS
AAUT0005-K003J   JS-12307M-FW-ZG Wire Harness Outside Car, RoHS
AAUT0005-K004J   JS-12307M-FW-ZG Control box output wire, RoHS
AAUT0006-K001J   JS-12307M-FW-OL Control box wire, RoHS
AAUT0006-K002J   JS-12307M-FW-OL Cable accessory A wire, RoHS
AAUT0006-K003J   JS-12307M-FW-OL Cable accessory B wire, RoHS
AAUT0008-K001G   A301 Reverse image Cable, RoHS
AAUT0014-K001J   JS-138708 Wire Harness In Car, RoHS
AAUT0014-K002J   JS-138708 Control box input wire, RoHS