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Lotes offers a few Board to Board connectors of SMT or press fit type with pin count ranging from 30 to 120. Lotes can satisfy customer’s requirements on products and also offer excellent solutions tailored. Applications: Mobile Phone, Notebook, Server, Printer, DVD, Consumer Electronics and so on.

Part Number Description
ABTB002-120P**   BTB 120Pin Receptacle 0.5mm Pitch SMT Verticl, HF
ABTB003-120P**   BTB 120Pin Plug 0.5mm Pitch SMT Verticl, HF
ABTB004-100P**   BTB 100Pin Receptacle 0.5mm Pitch SMT Verticl, HF
ABTB005-100P**   BTB 100Pin Plug 0.5mm Pitch SMT Verticl, HF
ABTB008-***P01B   BTB(Receptacle) 10/24/40Pin,0.4mm Pitch 0.98H SMT ..
ABTB009-***P01B   BTB(Plug) 10/24/40Pin,0.4mm Pitch 0.98H SMT Vertic..
AEA-BTB-032-***   BTB Plug 40Pin 6.0/8.0H 0.8mm Pitch, SMT,Vertical ..
AEA-BTB-034-***   BTB Plug 30Pin 8.0H 0.8mm Pitch, SMT,Vertical Whit..
AEA-BTB-035-***   BTB Receptacle 30Pin 8.0H 0.8mm Pitch, SMT,Vertica..
AEA-BTB-039-T30   BTB Receptacle 30Pin/40Pin/50Pin 8.0H 0.8mm Pitch,..