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Lotes can provide the USB cable assembly and Fan cable assembly and the other custom design cable assembly.

Lower order products: USB Cable | DP Cable | Fan Cable

Part Number Description
ADIS0045-P***G   DP to MINI DP CABLE L:1000mm
AAUT0074-K003J   Automotive Lighting Sytem Waterproof Male Cable
AAUT0074-K002J   Automotive Lighting Sytem Waterproof Female Cable
AAUT0074-K001J   Automotive Lighting Sytem Waterproof Male Cable
ABA-WAF-294-K**   1*2Pin ,Pitch 2.0mm white UL1340 L=100mm, 26AWG,re..
ABA-WAF-292-K**   1*2Pin ,Pitch 2.0mm L=400mm, 22AWG,red&Black Jack..
ABA-WAF-002-G21   2*2Pin Fan Female 2.54mm Pitch ;L=110mm,UL1061 24A..
ABA-WAF-003-G17   2*3Pin Fan Female 2.54mm Pitch;L=229mm,UL1430 24AW..
ABA-WAF-003-G42   2*3Pin Fan Female 2.54mm Pitch ;L=72mm, UL1061 28A..
ABA-WAF-005-K10   1*6Pin Fan Header 2.54mm Pitch ; L=619mm,UL1007 2..