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Lotes CPU Socket is designed for use with Intel and AMD based microprocessor packages. Including LGA 2011-x series, 13xx series, 115x series.Socket 989,Socket 947 and AMD C32,G34, Socket 905, Socket AM2 etc.

Lower order products: Intel CPU Socket | AMD CPU Socket

Part Number Description
ACA-ZIF-054-K**   LGA Socket 775Pin Thru-hole Vertical, Black,RoHS
ACA-ZIF-056-P**   LGA Soket 775Pin SMT Vertical, Black ,HF
ACA-ZIF-063-K**/P**   LGA Socket B,1366Pin SMT Vertical type, Black, Ro..
ACA-ZIF-068-P**   LGA Socket H,1156Pin SMT Vertical type, Black ,HF..
ACA-ZIF-069-P**   CPU Socket 989Pin,SMT,Vertical, Housing_black,Reel..
ACA-ZIF-069-P**_A   CPU Socket 989Pin,SMT,Vertical, Housing_black,Hard..
ACA-ZIF-078-P33   LGA115X ILM, HF
ACA-ZIF-078-P34   LGA115X ILM+Cover+Screw, HF
ACA-ZIF-078-P38   LGA115X ILM, Short Lever,HF
ACA-ZIF-078-P39   LGA115X ILM, Short Screw, HF