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Docking connector provides a flexible interface that can extend and convert your device easily. High speed docking connector Lotes developed can meet USB3.0 signal integrity requirement to allow the high quality video and audio transition between devices.

Part Number Description
ADOC0009-P***   Docking 36Pin Plug,0.5mm Pitch, SMT+DIP Vertical ,..
ADOC0011-P***   Docking 36Pin Plug, Thru-hole, HF
ADOC0013-P001A   Docking 70Pin Receptacle 0.5mm Pitch Right Angle,S..
ADOC0014-P001A   Docking 70Pin Plug 0.5mm Pitch Wire solder Type,..
ADOC0015-P001A   Docking 70Pin Plug 0.5mm Pitch Vertical SMT+DIP,..
ADOC0017-P***   Docking 50Pin Plug 0.65mm Pitch Vertical,SMT+DIP,H..
ADOC0020-P***   Docking 50Pin Receptacle 0.65mm Pitch Right Angle,..
ADOC0021-P***   Docking 25Pin Receptacle 0.65mm Pitch Right Angle,..
ADOC0022-P***   Docking 25Pin Plug 0.65mm Pitch Vertical, SMT, HF
ADOC0025-P***   Docking 70Pin Receptacle 0.6mm Pitch Right Angle,S..