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Fan Cable assembly provides the connection for power exchange for fan mother application. Lotes offer plenty of options such as 1x3, 1x4, 1x6, 2x2, 2x3, 2x4 pins with various cable length from 47mm to 306mm or even longer type.

Part Number Description
ABA-WAF-294-K**   1*2Pin ,Pitch 2.0mm white UL1340 L=100mm, 26AWG,re..
ABA-WAF-292-K**   1*2Pin ,Pitch 2.0mm L=400mm, 22AWG,red&Black Jack..
ABA-WAF-002-G21   2*2Pin Fan Female 2.54mm Pitch ;L=110mm,UL1061 24A..
ABA-WAF-003-G17   2*3Pin Fan Female 2.54mm Pitch;L=229mm,UL1430 24AW..
ABA-WAF-003-G42   2*3Pin Fan Female 2.54mm Pitch ;L=72mm, UL1061 28A..
ABA-WAF-005-K10   1*6Pin Fan Header 2.54mm Pitch ; L=619mm,UL1007 2..
ABA-WAF-006-K34   2*3Pin Fan Header 2.0mm Pitch ;L=73mm,UL1007 28AWG..
ABA-WAF-006-K37   2*3Pin Fan Header 2.0mm Pitch; L=51mm, UL1061 24/2..
ABA-WAF-010-K22   2*4Pin Fan Female 2.0mm Pitch; L=50mm, UL1061 24AW..
ABA-WAF-018-K03   2*4Pin Fan Female 2.54mm Pitch;L=72mm,UL1430 28AWG..