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Lotes developed various wire to board, board to board headers that be widely used in PC, mobile phone, auto and medical market.

Part Number Description
ALPHS002-P***   LPH V/R Power Header 2*22Pin Plug. 8CKT. Press-Fit..
ALPHS001-P***   LPH V/R Power Header 2*4Pin Plug. 2CKT. Press-Fit;..
APOW0008-P***   90°Power Header 1*4Pin Thru-hole, HF
APOW0005-P001A   Magnetic Power Connector 6Pin Thru-hole, HF
APOW0004-P001A   Magnetic Power Connector 6Pin Thru-hole, HF
APHD0002-***   10Pin Hedaer 1 row,1.27mm Pitch,Thru-hole,R/A,Blac..
ABA-WAF-004-T01   Wafer 1*3Pin 2.5mm Pitch Thru-hole R/A, RoSH
ABA-USB-152-***   Internal USB3.0 19Pin Receptacle,Thru-hole,Vertica..
ABA-POW-050-***   90°Power Header 2*3Pin Thru-hole,HF
ABA-POW-049-K05   Micro Fit Power 2*5Pin,Thru-hole R/A, Black, RoHS