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Lotes offer a wide range of I/O series connectors that including Header, Docking, Audio jack, Thunderbolt, RJ45, Display port, HDMI, SATA/SAS, USB, Camera etc.

Lower order products: USB | SATA/SAS | HDMI | Displayport | RJ45 | Thunder bolt | Audio Jack | Docking | Header | Camera Socket

Part Number Description
AJAK0076-P***   Audio Jack 1.29H, 4-Pole Connector
AHDM0062-P***   HDMI A Type connector
AUSBS003-P***   USB3.0 A Type connector
AUSB0316-P***   USB Type C SMT Vertical Type Receptacle (CH=13), R..
ASATS002-P***   68Pin SFF-8639 Vertical, SMT R/A Type Black, HF
AUSB0286-P***   USB3.0 Type C Dual-SMT Type Receptacle R/A,HF CH=1..
AUSB0281-P***   Single USB 3.0 Type A Edge-Mount, Throgh-Hole, Rev..
ABA-USB-590-***   USB 3.0 20Pin/F to Double USB3.0 A/F Cable Assembl..
ABA-USB-588-***   USB 3.0 20Pin/F to Double USB3.0 A/F & Drain Cable..
AJKM0003-P002A   1G 1x1 RJ45 12Pin Thru-hole, R/A Type, Black HF