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Lotes offer a wide range of other connector like DC Jack, RF connector, SPI connector, BTB connector, Automotive connector etc.

Lower order products: Automotive Connector | FPC Connector | BTB Connector | SPI Socket | RF Connector | DC Jack | Others

Part Number Description
AHSK0025-P***   Cooling Fan
AFPC002-018P***   0.5mm Pitch 0.8H 18Pin FPC, SMT Type Connector
ASPI0001-P001A**   8Pin SPI SMT Type Connector ,HF Compliance
AUSB0114-K003C   15pin Docking Plug+RF Cable Assembly,RoHS
AUSB0113-P001B   15pin Docking Plug SMT R/A,HF
AUSB0112-P001B   15pin Docking Receptacle+RF Receptacle ,HF
AUSB0102-P001C   13pin Docking Plug+ RF Plug Cable Assembly with 45..
AUSB0093-P001A   13pin Docking Receptacle+RF Receptacle ,HF
AUSB0090-P001A   13pin Docking Plug, HF
AUSB0068-P002A   13pin Docking Plug+RF Cable Assembly ,HF