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According to the USB-IF, the standards body controlling the USB specification, the USB connector is the most popular form of interconnect in the consumer electronics marketplace today -- based on broad proliferation, versatility and ease of use. This interconnect clearly found it splace in the PC ....

Lower order products: USB3.0 | USB Type C | Micro USB3.0 | USB2.0 | Micro USB2.0

Part Number Description
AUSBS003-P***   USB3.0 A Type connector
AUSB0316-P***   USB Type C SMT Vertical Type Receptacle (CH=13), R..
AUSB0286-P***   USB3.0 Type C Dual-SMT Type Receptacle R/A,HF CH=1..
AUSB0281-P***   Single USB 3.0 Type A Edge-Mount, Throgh-Hole, Rev..
ABA-USB-590-***   USB 3.0 20Pin/F to Double USB3.0 A/F Cable Assembl..
ABA-USB-588-***   USB 3.0 20Pin/F to Double USB3.0 A/F & Drain Cable..
ABA-USB-578-***   Double USB 3.0 20P/F to A/F*2 With Drain Wire Cabl..
ABA-USB-510-K05   USB Type C Plug to SR Straight Cable Assembly
ABA-USB-510-K06   USB Type C Plug to SR Vertical Cable Assembly
AUSB0269-P***   USB Type C Top Mount Hybird Receptacle,24Pin CH= 3..