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USB Connector and Cable provide the connection for power and data exchange. Lotes USB connector and cable contains the standard USB2.0 Type A, Micro USB 2.0 Type AB, USB3.0 Type A, Micro USB3.0 Type B, Micro USB3.0 Type AB, USB 3.1 Type A, Type C with various height and customized options

Part Number Description
ABA-USB-413-K01   USB3.0 20P/F to USB3.0 A/F*2 Black G/F, L=900MM,Ro..
ABA-USB-412-K01   USB3.0 20P/F to USB3.0 A/F Black G/F, L=750MM, RoH..
ABA-USB-399-K01   USB 3.0+Audio to I/O PCB Cable; USB3.0:550mm,HD Au..
ABA-USB-362-K01   USB3.0 10Pin to 10Pin+Core Cable, Black, 30u",RoHS
ABA-USB-328-K**   USB 3.0 20P/F to A/F*2;G/F;180 to180 Degree;Black;..
ABA-USB-321-K01   USB 3.0 20P to 20P Cable, PA66_Black;G/F; Length 3..
ABA-USB-317-K01   USB3.0 20P/M to 10P HSG;Black;G/F;L=100mm;RoHS
ABA-USB-315-K01   USB3.0 20P/F to 20P/M(12.5mm);G/F;180 to 90 Degree..
ABA-USB-308-K01   USB3.0 20P/M to P/F Cable (600mm);PA66_Black;G/F;1..
ABA-USB-304-K01   USB3.0 20P/F to Dual A/F, G/F, 180 to 180Degree;Bl..