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Part Number: ABA-USB-510-K05
Product Category: USB Type C
Product Description: USB Type C Plug to SR Straight Cable Assembly
Product General Characteristic:
Product Overview: USB Type C Plug to SR Straight
Component Type: N/A
PCB Mount Type: N/A
Orientation: DC Cable 3A , 45W
Physical Characteristic:
Housing Material: LCP for USB Type C Connector
Contact Material: C7025/Phosphor bronze C5191/Copper Alloy
Plating Material on Contact Area: Au/Nickel/Tin
Plating Thickness on Contact Area: Selective Plating
Circuits: N/A
Pitch: N/A
Tail Length: N/A
Locating Post: 1800mm
Durability: 10000Cycles
Housing Color: Black
Electrical Characteristic:
Max. Current Per Contact: Max. 3.0 A
Max. Voltage: 5V AC(rms)
Solder Process Characteristic:
Solder Process Type: N/A
Max. Process Temperature: N/A
Duration at Max. Process Temperature: N/A
Environment Characteristic:
RoHS/ Halogen Free(HF) Compliance: HF Compliance
Packaging: PE Bag or as per customer’s requirements.